I'm Jean

Photographer - Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

I started taking pictures of my cats in elementary school and at age 16 started developing my own film while getting certified in scuba diving. My love of photography & adventure was already fully entrenched.


I left for Air Force Basic Training after high school with only a small backpack and had to leave my camera behind. My first stop when I was allowed off base in technical training was at a camera shop to buy an antique Canon AE-1 Film camera to hold me over. Afterwards, I walked for miles taking photos of the scenery until I was so lost I had to call a taxi to take me home.


I have not been without a "real" camera since and thankfully, my land navigation skills have improved.


I love photos that tell a story or bring you back to a moment - the feel of the cool mountain breeze, a baby's snuggle, or the joy of a child.


I'd love to put my photography & adventure photography experience to work for you. You'll have fun and obtain memories for you to cherish in the years to come or help you meet your current business goals. Please contact me to start the journey!

Photographer sitting in chair during golden hour making eye contact - Token Creek County Park in Wisconsin

Some of My Adventures

Photo of mom snuggling with newborn and toddler while older child jumps on the bed

Morning wake-up (self-portrait)

Photographer with child on back taking photo of another child with a dog peeking in

Photo taken by my daughter when she was 5 of me taking photos of her youngest brother

Woman top rope rock climbing at Devils Lake State Park, Wisconsin

Top Rope Climbing at Devils Lake (self-portrait)

Woman and her 3 kids on top of a cliff

Hiking with my kids at Gibralter Rock (self-portait)