Yay! Your photos are ready. Now what?

Once your photos are ready, you'll receive a link to your online gallery. By default, I usually password protect the gallery and your password will be in the email along with a note from me. If you don't want it protected, just let me know and I'll remove it.

You may also have a download code allowing you to download images one at a time or all at once.

If you want to share the gallery with others, but not allow them to download all the images, you can send the link and leave out the download code.

Screen Print of email notification of gallery

Extra Features

If you'd like to hide certain images, for example a private moment between you and your new spouse before sending the gallery to friends or family, please let me know and that feature can be enabled.

Viewing your Gallery

Click the "View Photos" Button or paste the provide URL in your browser. Enter your email and gallery password. I will never sell your email and there are no restrictions on who can view the gallery as long as they have the password. The gallery will have a tool tips to help with navigation.

The print store and the downloads are the most used and are at the top of your gallery just below your cover page.

Screen print of ribbon with print store and downloads

A Note About Downloads

Full Gallery Downloads

If you are downloading your entire gallery, you will need to do this on a computer. The file sizes are too big for your phone. When you click the download button at the top of the gallery, you will get all of the images. You will be able to select "High Resolution" or "Web Size".

High Resolution is good for printing and Web Size is good for sharing on social media. You can download twice to get both if you want. If you use High Resolution photos on social media or the Web Size for printing, your images may look blurry.

Select where you want to save your photos to and click "Start Download". You can get your photos from a link in your email or wait and it will appear on the page. You will need to unzip the photos using your method of choice.

Single Image Downloads

You can download single images on your computer or phone by clicking on the arrow pointing down to the line. You'll be prompted for your email and download pin. If you don't want to require a pin, just let me know and I'll turn that off. You will receive "Web Size" images when using the single image download option.


Prints can be ordered the same way as downloads except that you don't need a pin. Use the "Print Store" up at the top or the "Shopping Bag" on individual images.

Screen print of main navigation bar with Print Store circled
Screen print of Maternity Photo with the Shopping Bag icon circled

Getting Help

If you need any help, please reach out. I want you to be able to enjoy your photos quickly and easily.