Gym or Personal Training Branding Sessions

Gym or Personal Training Branding sessions are great for creating social media content to elevate your business and showcase your gym's identity. Branding sessions are customized for you and your gym's personality, so I start out with a short questionnaire to gather information about what makes your services unique. That way we can portray the heart & soul of your gym or personal training services.

To make the most out of your session, you may want to:

  • Announce that you will have a photographer during a particular time so that:
  • Only those comfortable with getting their photos taken will be present
  • Individuals have the opportunity to dress for photos
  • Consider making a special class or session "free" in exchange for consenting to photos, especially for classes like yoga where a photographer, no matter how discrete, may be distracting
  • Request individuals wear your branded clothing or accessories
  • Consider using your staff/instructors and/or a few champion clients as clients in your photos to run thru a wide variety of exercises & scenarios quickly
  • Schedule photos during core hours if you want a raw busy feel or during off hours if you want to isolate people and scenes
  • Include other services you offer like nutritional assistance, massage, or products you sell
  • Focus on staff & client interaction

Every gym is different and I'll gather information during the questionnaire and consultation so that we can capture what's perfect for your business.