What to Wear for Photos

Guiding Factors

Consider your story

Be consistent to your style & showcase the best you. If you're a jeans and t-shirt kind of person, wear nice jeans and a wrinkle-free well-fitting t-shirt. If you want to show yourself as a hiker, wear hiking clothes. If you want to showcase your professionalism, wear professional clothes. If you want to have fun and wear a unicorn mask, then do it.

Consider where you plan to display your photos

Are there certain colors that would work well with your home décor or business website?

Consider the weather, environment, and activity

When looking back at your photos, I want you to think, "that was so much fun", not "I was so cold". The weather can change rapidly, please be prepared so you can stay comfortable. Bug spray, sunscreen, mittens, or hand-warmers are all good things to consider.

Your clothing and background should compliment each other. If we're taking photos surrounded by green, wear something that will go well with the green and not clash or cause you to merge into the background.

Wear clothes that make sense for the activity - unless you normally wear a tuxedo to play at the park or it enhances the story, consider wearing something less formal.

General Suggestions

  • Wear what flatters you and makes you feel comfortable & confident.
  • Make sure everything fits & undergarments aren't visible.
  • Don't forget shoes or boots.
  • Avoid large logos and large patterns unless they are the focus as they tend to draw your eye in photos and can be distracting.
  • Use a variety of colors, patterns, and textures that go well with each other.
  • Outfits that move, like flowy shirts, skirts, and dresses can add something magical to your images.
  • Accessorize & add layers for interest. Think scarves, jackets, umbrellas, headbands, belts, jewelry, fun socks, & hats.
  • Avoid very thin stripes and very small patterns as sometimes they create odd stripes and patterns called moiré to appear in your photos.
  • Avoid fluorescent colors as they tend to reflect bright colors onto your face.

Family or Group

  • Coordinate, but don't match.
  • Sometimes it’s easier to start out with one outfit that has a lot of color or patterns, and then tie the other outfits back to that one.


  • Consider including a special toy or blanket that will add meaning to the photos.
  • Let the kids pick out their own clothes so they are excited to show them off.
  • Make it fun!

Sports & Outdoors

It is especially important to consider fit and function for sports photos. Wearing clothes that don't need to be adjusted will allow you to keep your head in the game & provide better photos.

Documentary or Day in the Life (DITL)

One of the benefits to documentary photography is that it doesn't matter what you wear - we're capturing you. However, what you wear will affect your photos and you may want to keep some of the general suggestions in mind.

Want Help?

I provide free styling consultation with any of my sessions - please reach out!