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Highschool volleyball player focusing on play

Team and Organized Sports Photography capturing your moments & passion

Sports photography is action packed, fast moving, and it can be difficult to capture great photos without professional gear & knowledge and it's impossible to take photos of yourself.

Enjoy the game while I capture beautiful memories and moments both on and off the field.

Crossfit athlete doing pushups
Crossfit athletes jumping
Crossfit athlete doing squats
Feet jumping moving rope
Child kicking soccer ball during Sun Prairie Parks and Rec Soccer at Stoneridge Estates Park
Side view of bowler with bowling ball
Waunakee Highschool Volleyball players celebrating
Highschool volleyball player preparing to serve
Highschool girls volleyball team in huddle
Volleyball player striking ball against defenders
Young boy using his body to guide bowling ball down lane
Boy dribbling soccer ball
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Team Sports Options & Investment:

Entire Team

This option is best when you'd like to capture all coaches & players during the game. The quantity of photos for each particular player aren't guaranteed, but you receive a larger number of photos as there will be more opportunities for good photos.

  • Coverage for a game up to 1 hour long starts at $375.

One Player

This option is best when you'd like the maximum number of photos for one player. Photos may include other players, but the focus will be on you or your player. This option will provide the maximum amount of photos for your player.

Coverage for a game up to 1 hour long starts at $300.

Multiple Players

This option is best when you'd like many photos of you or your player while also reducing costs. Photos will be focused on signed-up players and each player will receive their own gallery.

Coverage for a game up to 1 hour long starts at $75 for each player with a minimum of 4 sign-ups.

All options will receive edited digital images & a print release. Individual portraits or a team photo can be added to any package.

Contact me for more information on sporting event coverage.